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KickAss Sports aims to support you in reaching your personal goals in a careful, healthy and enjoyable way. Our goal is to create a training plan for you that is based on the latest training science, adapts to your individual life situation and creates an optimal balance between load and regeneration.

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Questions & Answers


Yes the AZUM account is included in all packages (KickAss Basic, Individual and Individual Women) and you can use the software to its full extent.

In KickAss Basic you build your season the way it suits you best. We provide you with the appropriate templates. From basic training in the winter, to build-up training in the spring, to specific preparation for your competition, including fine-tuning for the final days. Do you plan training camps during the season? We also have plans ready to guide you optimally.

The training plans are divided by level and weekly hours. In your AZUM account you have the possibility to delete single units or add ons from us at any time. If you unexpectedly have a lot more time, you can include a scope week in your plan. The “performance level” is controlled by the intensity in addition to the weekly hours. To do this, you store your personal metabolic profile in AZUM.  

Absolutely! We offer you a variety of training plans that differ in the number of hours and level. So you choose the plan that suits your time availability. Starting from the advanced training plans, we differentiate according to the length of your planned competition. You store the intensities individually in the metabolic profile, so that you are always in the right training range.

Yes, all subscriptions have a cancellation period of 8 weeks. After that, you can of course change the subscription at any time. 

The metabolic profile represents your individual physiological performance. Where is your basic endurance range and at what intensity should you run or ride intensive intervals. After a performance diagnosis (optimally with respiratory gas analysis), you store the determined values (wattages, pace data, heart rate, fat and carbohydrate consumption) in your AZUM account and receive the corresponding specifications in the units.  

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