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Quality beats quantity. That is our slogan in all sports. In our KickAss Education seminars we guide you to a better and more efficient technique in all sports. This leads to more easiness and better performance in the long run. On site, our coaches guide you with promising methods and professional competence.

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The foundation for success in endurance sports.

KickAss Education Run

We show you a way to a light-footed, easy and fast running. In the individual running seminars you will get to know running in a new way and work on your running technique. The goal is to develop an economical running style, because with more movement quality, running is more fun.

KickAss Education Mountainbike

The bike in its simplicity allows us to move forward easier and faster. Regardless of whether this happens on the road, gravel or rough terrain: In our seminars you learn to know the characteristics of your bike better and to use them in the appropriate places. You economize the movement sequences on the bike and develop a clean riding technique.

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Health, efficiency and relaxation.

KickAss Education Athletics

Our lives are characterized by frequent and prolonged sitting. In order to achieve maximum performance in sports and to avoid injuries, this requires support through supplementary athletic training. In our seminars, we teach you the technically correct execution, improve the quality of movement and ensure maximum efficiency in sports and in everyday life.

KickAss Education Swim

In our swimming training seminars, we want to give you a playful approach to the element of water. The sensing of resistance, the perception of buoyancy and the generation of propulsion are elements that are developed and taught in the individual seminars. At the end of the series, you will not only experience a new ease in swimming, but also faster times in the water.

Questions & Answers


There are education offerings for swimming, running and strength training.

Currently there are education offers in Neckargemünd (near Heidelberg), Mertesdorf (near Trier) and on the island of Fehmarn. However, we are always on tour in the DACH region and may also come to your area.

In the seminars you will learn the theory of the individual techniques and also directly apply them in practice.

No, everyone has the possibility to register for our seminars. However, as a KickAss Sports customer you will receive a discount on your booking.

The seminars have a duration of 2 hours. For individual questions, our coaches are available after the seminars.

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