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By combining smart training plans and the Education training series, we guarantee maximum progress for everyone. Here, health, joy and easiness in running are in the first place.

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With KickAss run training to your personal best time.

KickAss Basic Run

KickAss Basic Run offers you an innovation in running: a subscription model with training plan templates that guide you through your entire running year. In addition to your running plan that suits you and your needs, you can optionally choose from various add-on sports (cycling, inline skating, swimming/ aqua jogging, rowing, cross-country skiing). This way you bring variation into your running training and achieve even faster progress. All plans include strength and mobility sessions as well as a weekly live yoga session.

Additive sports

Increase your performance through additive sports, such as cycling, inline skating, swimming or rowing.

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Improve your technique and become even faster.

KickAss Education Run

To complete the experience, our KickAss Run Education Seminars will give you a new sense of running that includes easiness and joy. Run through the different education seminars throughout the year and constantly improve your running technique.

KickAss Basic Run Plans

Do you like run training plans with specific goals? Then the KickAss Basic Run Plans are just right for you. We have created running training plans for different goals and events, which you can load into the AZUM training software. Your training areas make the plan individual and bring you quickly to your goal.

Questions & Answers


On the one hand, there is the coaching offer KickAss Basic Run, where you can structure your training with ready-made training plans. We also offer individual training plans for purchase (e.g. 10K, trail running, etc.). In our KickAss Education Run seminars you can improve your running technique.

Yes of course, we offer a 4-week test plan. You can find all the information here.

Absolutely not! There are many people who start training for an endurance sport, regardless of whether they are athletic or not. With our workout plan templates, you’ll have the flexibility to customize the sessions to fit you.

In KickAss Basic Run we offer you training plan templates for the distances 10km, half marathon and marathon.

We differ three phases of the season. Basic training, build-up training and race preparation. Each training phase has a length of 8 weeks and contains suitable content. This way, you build up your endurance step-by-step over the course of the season and are top prepared at the starting line.

With our filter function you have the possibility to find the right plan for you according to level, target distance and training sessions per week.

Of course. In addition to pure running workouts, each plan includes specific strength, core and mobility sessions. You also have the option to add an optional additive sport (cycling, rowing, inline skating or swimming/ aqua jogging).

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