KickAss Racing Call

Catering and pacing strategy.

KickAss AidStation
Beginner to professional



You don’t want to leave your season highlight to chance? Our KickAss coaches take a close look at your training records and advise you on the phone with an individual pacing and nutrition strategy for your highlight.


Nutrition and pacing strategy

Individual tips for your perfect race.


Based on your diagnostics, we calculate your pacing strategy.

60,00  VAT included

KickAss AidStation
Beginner to professional

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Questions and answers


Yes. The KickAss Call is available to everyone, even if you have not subscribed to KickAss Sports.

We calculate a flat rate of 30 minutes. If your questions or topics go beyond that, we will gladly take longer to answer everything.

Here we are flexible and respond to your wishes. From a simple phone call to a video call via Zoom, everything is possible.

After your booking, a KickAss coach will contact you and arrange a suitable date for the call.

Ideally, you should have done a performance diagnostic or the Power-Performance Decoder beforehand, in which your carbohydrate consumption was determined. You should also have tested your carbohydrate intake during training.

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