Basic Run

KickAss Basic Run is our offer for all those who want to be flexible.

Training planning
Beginner to professional



KickAss Basic Run Training Package – be guided through your entire running year and adapt the training to your needs and everyday life.

This package contains everything you need for a successful and flexible running season.


Running plans from 10km to marathon, beginners to professionals

Find the right training plan for you in our library and adapt it to your needs and everyday life. Choose the category Just Run (pure running plans) or Run Plus (with add-on sports).

Performance diagnostics

You carry out our diagnostics at least twice a year - easily from home. Determine your current performance, your training zones and discover your potential.

Webinars with the KickAss Coaches

Ask your training questions, share and learn in our weekly live webinars.

AZUM training platform

Unlimited use of the innovative AZUM training platform to manage your training and visualise your performance progress.

KickAss Community

Get exclusive access to the KickAss community and exchange ideas with other runners.

Video instructions for your workouts

Receive video instructions for all strength, mobility, warm-up and technique exercises.

Exclusive discounts

Take advantage of our KickAss partners and get discounts at Castelli, Incylence, MNSTRY and more.

Just Run oder Run Plus?

  • What type are you? Are you a runner looking for a pure running training? Or would you like to expand your running training with additive sports?


An overview of all training plans can be found below.


Category “JUST RUN”

All Just Run plans are designed for people who want to develop their potential, set personal best times or get back into running exclusively through targeted and structured running training. Combined with strength and mobility units as well as yoga, you will find these “Just Run” plans in the KickAss Basic Run training package.


Category “RUN PLUS”

Here, your running training is expanded and partially replaced with add-on sports (cycling, swimming, rowing and inline skating) in order to expand the training volumes in a healthy way. In addition, you will find yoga, strength and mobility units in every plan.

How to get started

  1. Book your KickAss subscription.
    Select and book the KickAss Basic Run subscription.
  2. Find your training plan. After you have booked the subscription, you can select the appropriate training plan and activate it via your account. An overview of all training plans can be found below. You can switch between the plans at any time.
  3. Start your training. After activating the plan, you will automatically be redirected to the AZUM training platform. There you can set the start date of the training plan and begin training.

50,00  / month VAT included

Training planning
Beginner to professional

Find your running plan

Which training programme suits me?

Choose the training programme that suits you from Run Plus or Just Run. Click on your level for more information.

*Switching between the programmes is possible at any time.

4 Week Triathlon Plan by Philipp Seipp for free!

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