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Tri2Gether Squad becomes KickAss Squad

Nine Heck • 03. February 2021 • 1 Min.

Something great has come to an end, but a new era begins! The Tri2Gether squad has decided on a new path, both the Kickass Team and the Tri2together company have decided to merge into one. So to speak, we as a team, Flo and Nine, have joined the KickAss Sports team for good.

What started out as a coincidental meeting is now set to grow into a success story.

In 2016, Nine was lucky enough to win a place in Laura’s relay team in the Mainova Marathon in Frankfurt. From that day onwards, our paths have crossed at several events, again and again, with encounters always being positive and full of joy. From the first day onwards, we shared the same views and the passion for sport, from both, an athlete’s as well as from the coach’s point of view.

“We founded Tri2gether Coaching around 2.5 years ago, quitting our jobs and putting everything on the line, at that time we could have never imagined the opportunities that emerged a couple of months ago. When Philipp called in the spring and asked if we wanted to be part of the KickAss Sports project, we felt honored and proud at the same time ” says Flo, who is now managing director at KickAss alongside Philipp.

Combine forces

After we launched KickAss Sports in the autumn of 2019, the workload of both companies increased enormously. The demand for our products at KickAss Sports was so overwhelming, especially just a few months after the launch of our site. So we bundled all our talent by merging both forces of the Kickass team and the Tri2Gether team. A few months after our launch, we decided on merging both companies  into one, giving our full attention to the growing KickAss Squad!

In addition to training plans, which are mainly taken care of by Philipp, Flo and Sean. Nine, in close cooperation with Laura, takes care of cycle-controlled training for women and oversees our communication and all relevant marketing topics.

Together with our partners, we will take triathlon coaching to the next level, supporting all age group athletes with the experience we have and helping them fulfil their athletic goals.


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Nine und Flo

Nine Heck

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