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Florian Heck • 24. March 2021 • 5 Min.

KickAss basic is for everyone who is interested in a flexible training plan. With KickAss Basic you can independently decide and structure your year with templates provided by us. So to speak, you are your own coach, who can plan training sessions according to your needs and time schedule. KickAss Basic provides you with templates regardless of the distance you are competing in. 

What can you expect from KickAss Basic?

As a KickAss Basic Member you will get access to all training templates. Simply download all templates onto our training software (AZUM), which you will have access to, and you are all set to customize your training. There are a couple of features in AZUM that will allow you to customize your plan to the smallest detail to increase your efficiency in training with features in the following. Each member can upload his/her individual metabolic profile. Furthermore, you have access to video instructions for each training session making sure of the correct execution of each discipline, videos include strength exercises, swim movements/exercises and running exercises. Other than sport, we will also give each member the option to access nutritional plans and food recommendations suited for a e.g. busy training schedule. To execute your training on the bike, bike sessions can easily be uploaded/synced with the given training program on your bike e.g. Zwift, allowing you to complete each session with the appropriate specifications given by your training plan.

Services in KickAss Basic

  • Free selection from a large number of training templates
  • Weekly live yoga session via Zoom
  • AZUM use included
  • Metabolic profile instead of FTP
  • Bi-weekly webinars
  • Discounts on KickAss Education products and PPD
  • Partner discounts

A highlight outside the specific sport you are training for, are our weekly live yoga sessions executed via Zoom with our professional yoga teacher Anne. But do not worry, if you do not have time to attend live, each session is recorded and uploaded later in the day. 

Since technical training is very important to us, we offer swimming, cycling, running and strength training on site, in which we go into detail on the technology. There is also space to exchange ideas and get to know other KickAss Squad members. You get a 15% discount on the training. In addition, you have access to the discounts of our partners and benefit in terms of equipment and catering.

In order to keep you up to date, KickAss Basic offers a webinar with our coaches every two weeks, allowing each member to ask questions about current topics or their training plan. Should a member need individual advice from one of our coaches, we also offer a personal KickAss call with one of our coaches. 

To keep your metabolic profile up to date, we offer you two options of measuring your performance: Doing an analysis with the Power-Performance Decoder Bike & Run from the comfort of your home or with one of our local diagnostic partners on site.

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How does the implementation look like in concrete terms?

In order for you to put together your sporting year independently, we offer you several training templates to choose from.

The basic structure consists of larger training blocks with 6 to 8 weeks duration (basic training, advanced training, competition preparation), which build on each other in a meaningful way. In the basic training, these plans are divided according to the available training time (6 am – 3 pm / week).

In advanced training, there is also a breakdown of the individual distances (sprint, Olympic, medium and long distance).

One of these plans represents your basic building block, you will still have the option of replacing or adding individual weeks to this plan. To add individual weeks, there are templates available for training camps or other weeks with different focuses. Additional weeks may include aerobic endurance on the bike, special stress weeks when there is little time for training, or specific taper weeks in preparation for a competition.Other add-ons would include the focus of individual units, these individual units with specific focal points can also be included in each plan. These would include running preparation, running technique programs, strength training at home and swimming alternatives. All plans and add-ons are regularly updated and expanded by us, so that you never get bored in training and you are diversified.

You can find an overview of the available training plans here.

Here is an exemplary season structure in KickAss Basic:

Competition goals: Middle distance in summer, Olympic distance as preparation.

Further goals & plans: Improving running and swimming technique, increasing the scope of cycling in spring, 7-day training camp with a focus on cross-country skiing in winter, 14-day training camp in the sun in spring

Concrete implementation

Main plan 1: 8 weeks basic training 10-15h/ week

  • Add-On: 1x per week running technique I & strength training @Home
  • Medical sports examination incl. performance diagnostics with spirometry to determine actual condition
  • Week 3 replaced by 7 days training camp in the snow 
  • Week 6 replaced by an 8h/day emergency/stress week, due to busy work schedule

Main plan 2: 8 weeks build-up training OD/MD 10-14h/ week

  • Add-On: 1x per week running technique II, running preparation & strength training @Home
  • Plan from week 5 moved back two weeks,  14 days training camp was added 
  • PPD Bike & Run to update metabolic profile and review training progress
  • Participation in KickAss Education Swim I & Run I to lay down technical foundations
  • KickAss Call to discuss further season planning

Main plan 3: 8 weeks WK preparation OD/MD 10-14h/ week

  • Add-On: 1x per week running technique II 
  • Week 2 replaced by an aerobic booster week with focus on the bike to take advantage of the good weather and to put emphasis on his/her bike training
  • In week 4, taper week 2. prio was built in, as a preparation for competition.
  • Participated in KickAss Education Swim II & Run UI to refine technique for competition.
  • PPD Bike, with the background of planning pacing for competition.
  • KickAss call to discuss race pacing
  • Following the plan Taper week with 1. prio built in, as main competition

Main Plan 4: Off Season Option I

If you have any further questions about the KickAss Basic, please feel free to contact us, otherwise we would be happy to welcome you to the KickAss Squad

Florian Heck

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