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Ironman training plan sub 11 - with the right training to the best time

3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and run a marathon. Those who manage the total distance of 226 km under 11 hours may not only feel extremely proud, but also belong to a select group of those who can claim this. It is also clear that this does not just happen on its own. Only a structured triathlon training and an optimal preparation for the long distance make this best time possible.

With KickAss Sports to the Sub 11 Ironman

To achieve a time of under 11 h at the Ironman, the training must be adapted to the everyday loads. At KickAss Sports this has top priority. In a detailed initial discussion we take time for the athletes to be able to design the training in the best possible way. Scientific knowledge in combination with practical experience and communication with the athlete characterize the triathlon training planning at KickAss Sports. Since economy is crucial in long-distance triathlon, we work intensively on technique in swimming, cycling and running.

Sub 11 Ironman – what is necessary:

  • Well-developed fat metabolism
  • Proper pacing & nutrition strategy for the long distance
  • Stable swim technique in open water
  • Aerodynamic bike position
  • Economical running style
  • Mental attitude

Ironman Training Plan Sub 11

Ironman Sub 11 - this is how the training should look like

A sophisticated training plan is needed to complete the long distance in under 11 hours. Loading and unloading must be optimally coordinated and the everyday stresses and other stressors of daily life must be taken into account. The cornerstone for this achievement is a high-quality, constant training over several years.

Focusing on single “key sessions” makes little sense in the long run. Rather, consistency is the key to success. Building solid base endurance and a stable fat metabolism takes time and is the foundation for a sub 11 Ironman. In addition, the “engine” must be as big as possible and the speed must not be neglected. A so-called polarized approach is suitable for this, whereby low-intensity training is done in the majority of the training and sporadic intensive units above the anaerobic threshold are incorporated. In the last 8-12 weeks before the competition, this distribution then changes somewhat and training units at competition pace are added to improve the economization and reduce the lactate formation rate. Coupling sessions, as well as testing of race nutrition, are also critical during this phase.

Ironman training plan sub 11 – that’s why the training plan is worthwhile


A triathlon long distance is per se an extreme strain for the human body. To do this in a time of under 11 h, the body must be pushed to its limits. Without proper preparation and a good training plan, this is almost impossible. Anyone who wants to achieve the goal of Ironman Sub 11 should therefore definitely follow a targeted training plan.

Long distance training plan from KickAss Sports

At KickAss Sports you can reach your goal Ironman Sub 11 in two ways. In KickAss Basic you are your own coach and plan your season from our long distance training plan templates. You get the input from us, but you also have the freedom to put together your week according to your wishes. We will guide you and every 2 weeks you can ask your questions in Q&A webinars. 

Individualized triathlon training

In KickAss Individual you don’t have to worry about your planning. Your coach will be at your side day after day to help you prepare for the Ironman. An individually tailored training plan, specifically geared to your goal of Ironman Sub 11, awaits you. The coach is always available for changes in the training plan. You will also receive detailed feedback on your Ironman training.

Summary Ironman Sub 11

Many years of constant training, a good base, knowledge of one’s own metabolism, and a clean technique in all three disciplines. These are the key points to be able to finish an Ironman under 11 hours. An optimally coordinated training plan helps to achieve this goal.

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Ironman: 3800 m swim, 180.2 km bike and 40.2 km run. 70.3 Ironman: 1900 m swim, 90 km bike and 21.1 km run. Olympic: 1500 m swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run. Sprint: 750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run.

Absolutely! There is nothing more satisfying for a coach than watching the progress of his athletes, and even more so when you are there from the very beginning!

Absolutely not! There are many people who start training for an endurance sport, regardless of whether they are athletic or not.

Each sport requires different equipment. For swimming, you need access to a swimming pool or open water. For cycling, you need a bicycle. For running, you need running shoes. We recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor and smart watch (e.g. Garmin or Polar).

We offer three different programs. KickAss Individual, KickAss Individual Women and KickAss Basic. You can find out more about the individual offers here.

Yes of course, we offer a 4-week trial plan. You can find all the information here.

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