Just Run - 10km Base Training

Build your foundation for a successful 10km run through running and athletics sessions.

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Level 2 - 3: advanced - compressed
4 running sessions (5 training days)

Training content

In order to achieve a fast time over the 10km distance, the basic training focuses on increasing capacity and improving top speed. Short, intensive hill intervals, diagonal runs, short intervals on the track, targeted running technique units and endurance runs are on the schedule. In addition to the running units, the focus is on building an athletic base in order to be well prepared for the upcoming training blocks.

Target group

Ambitious, experienced athletes who want to run a fast 10km with a small time budget. With a time budget of 5 training days (4 running units), the basis for this is laid in a first training phase.

What does a typical training week look like?


Rest day


Hill intervals

Core & Mobility


Strength training


Diagonal runs




Rest day


Ednurance run

with strides

Core & Mobility


long endurance run


Only three steps to the training plan

  1. Book KickAss subscription
    In the first step you have to choose a subscription. The training plan is available in the subscriptions KickAss JustRun
  2. Activate training plan
    In the second step you can unlock and activate the training plan via your account.
  3. Open training plan and get started
    In the last step you only have to open the training plan. You will be automatically redirected to our training platform AZUM, set up a profile there and you can start right away.

Split up into:

The training plan is the perfect mix of running, strength and mobility sessions and optional yoga sessions.

All advantages the training bundle has to offer

  • Flexible adjustments of the workouts
  • Exercise videos for all strength, core and mobility exercises as well as running technique exercises
  • Fuelling requirements during the workouts

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