Diagnostics – Bundle

Remote diagnostics from the comfort of your own home.

Beginner to professional



Keep your metabolic profile up to date and check your progress from the comfort of your own home.


Independent of time and place

Can be performed as part of a normal indoor (bike) or outdoor training session.

Men and women are physiologically different

The performance diagnostic takes this into account and provides an adjusted calculation for both women and men.

Tailored to your body

The only tool that takes into account the body composition of all athletes and normalizes performance.

250,00  VAT included

Beginner to professional

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Questions and answers


Integration into your plan, evaluation and adjustment of your metabolic profile in AZUM.

At KickAss, we thrive to have your training as individual as possible. The Stryd Powemeter allows us to see your individual ability to create speed, where other test approaches ignore this input. 

Today, the KickAss Run test is available for Stryd users ONLY, but we work hard to make it more accessible.

Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), maximum lactate formation rate (VLamax), anaerobic threshold, lactate build-up and break-down, fat burning incl. FatMax, carbohydrate consumption.

1. Book test

2. Perform test

3. Send recorded data to KickAss Sports

4. Receive complete physiological profile as written evaluation

Run: The best place to run the test is on a 400m track. There you have the least disturbing factors and can determine the actual distance run very accurately. If you do not have access to a running track, the test can also be performed on a flat, straight track.

Bike: You can do the test either indoors on your Smarttrainer or outdoors. If you do it indoors, we will provide you with a Zwift protocol that you can ride. Outdoors you should have a suitable track with as little traffic and curves as possible.

The best time to incorporate the performance testing is towards the end of a recovery week. This way you will be relatively refreshed for the test and can get the maximum out of it. During the 2 days of the test, you should also have few other stressors (job, social obligations, etc.) that affect your performance. In order to get comparable results, you should perform the test under the same conditions.

Plan 2 test days with approx. 60-75min each for the test.

4 Week Triathlon Plan by Philipp Seipp for free!

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