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Dani • 25. August 2021 • 2 Min.

I’ve had a lot going on in the last few weeks: On the one hand, there was a lot to do at the sports club where I work, and on the other hand, my exam schedule was pretty packed. I’ve also had a busy time in training.

As you may already know from my first blog entry, I work part-time at a sports club in the south of Munich. The last weeks before the vacations were quite busy and also the first two weeks of the summer vacations (in Bavaria) I was still fully engaged, because I coach a field hockey team as an athletic trainer. I usually really enjoy my time at the sports club, which is currently my source of income, because I think it’s great to teach the joy of movement and sports. Working with children in this area is super fun for me, despite some of the time stress. Children and young people in the club give you a lot of positive energy back.  

There was also a lot going on at the university. The exam period was coming up and there was a lot to study.  

But now to the really important things…

In terms of sports and triathlon, my journey continued just as it had begun with KickAss. Namely, steadily uphill. I was able to rewind a few really crisp units. Among other things, I dared to run a 5 km race in our town. Normally the Grünwalder Burglauf is a 10 km run, but because of Corona it was shortened to 5 km this year, so you only have to run one lap. At the first moment I really didn’t find much enthusiasm for it. But as they say: No risk, no fun! 

It went amazingly well and I could bring home the victory in a total time of 16:57 min.

After the run, I continued with a few training-intensive weeks in which I was able to grow through many challenges. In close exchange with my coach, we were able to control the training so super. 

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I also had to learn to deal with stress from other areas of life and that sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to do a particularly hard unit on a day when all hell is already breaking loose. Fortunately, in such moments I can count on the KickAss coaches, who quickly got me out of my mental carousel.

My triathlon season is not over yet

I am now about to leave for my first big challenge for this year! And I can tell you: I am already a little excited…

It will take me to Samorin, a small town in Slovakia, again a new country and a new place that I may discover through triathlon. There I will stand at the starting line on August 29th and give everything at “The Championship”. I’m excited to see what else is in me and am full of anticipation for the race.

KickAss Sports, KickAss Women, Triathlon Training Frauen

The best comes at the end

A nice saying and absolutely true for my year as a triathlete. After the Challenge Samorin, it goes for me, via a detour to Thuringia to an Olympic distance, finally on to my highlight of the year: the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in the USA. 

I’ll get back to you though with a little interim update once again after Samorin. 

So, stay tuned, servus and see you soon.


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