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The INSYCD Power Performance Decoder at KickAss Sports

Florian Heck • 29. September 2021 • 3 Min.

In order to train effectively and time-efficiently, knowledge about the physiology of the body is essential. Where are my strengths and weaknesses, what should I specifically train, which training areas make sense. At KickAss Sports, this is a central element of training planning.

Performance diagnostics answer these questions and provide clarity about physiological performance. Those who now think of elaborate laboratory diagnostics, which are associated with a relatively large amount of effort, are probably not yet familiar with Inscyd’s Power Performance Decoder (PPD). The PPD allows a complete 360° view of physiological performance WITHOUT the need for a lab, but with the same accuracy. How this works exactly, we explain to you.

Details about the Power Performance Decoder (PPD)

The Power Performance Decoder is the performance diagnostic for home use. The athlete can independently perform the test in less than 90 minutes, on one or more days, as a field test at home. There is no need to travel to the laboratory. To determine the parameters, a predefined protocol is run, which consists of four different maximal tests (20s sprint, 3 min, 6 min and 10-12 min). The data is recorded and sent to KickAss Sports for evaluation. The test is available in both running and cycling.

What makes the Power Performance Decoder special?

Until now, field tests to determine physiological parameters have been of very limited use. Classic FTP tests only inadequately depict performance and are of almost no use for training control. The PPD now revolutionizes this. Scientifically validated and tested by several professional teams and athletes, the PPD is the only physiological assessment tool that measures aerobic and anaerobic performance, determines fat and carbohydrate consumption, and reliably determines metabolic profile.

  • Acquisition of aerobic and anaerobic performance
  • Men and women are physiologically different – INSCYD takes this into account and provides a different calculation for women. This means that a woman’s unique physiology is now captured in the same easy-to-perform test.
  • The only tool that takes into account the athlete’s body composition and normalizes performance.
  • Testing can be performed as part of a normal indoor or outdoor training session.
  • By combining physiological data from field and laboratory tests, it is possible for the first time to see how the body’s energy systems work together.

Inscyd Power Performance Decoder Facts

  • Accuracy: Standard tolerance corresponds to the standard of laboratory tests: VO2max – 2.5% – Anaerobic threshold – 2.2
  • Information on race critical lactate building rate (VLamax) without the need for a lab
  • Detailed physiological 360° evaluation 
  • Testing without trainer and diagnostician on site
  • Independent of time and place

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From booking to execution to evaluation – this is the procedure

After you have booked the test on the website (Run: you will receive all relevant information about the test by mail. Read them carefully and plan 2 (consecutive) days for the test. On these days you should have the necessary rest to fully concentrate on the test and to be able to perform at your best.

For cycling there is the possibility to do the test indoor (on Zwift – you will receive the corresponding file after booking) or outdoor. For running, it is best to run on a flat, straight, windless road or a running track. During the run, you record the data using a GPS-enabled running watch or bike computer. The relevant data is the distance covered (running) or the power output (cycling).

After the protocol has been completed, you send the files (.fit) to us and we start with the analysis.

You will then receive a detailed evaluation from us. This contains the most important physiological parameters (VO2max, VLamax, Anaerobic Threshold), your individual carbohydrate and fat consumption, lactate build-up and breakdown rates, as well as your metabolic profile, which is adapted to the KickAss training areas in Azum, which can be found in all training plans. So all you have to do is update the data in your Azum account.

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That’s why at KickAss Sports we rely on the Power Performance Decoder.

A central element in training planning at KickAss Sports is the metabolic profile. We design the training based on the athlete’s individual metabolic parameters. To do this, we use several physiological parameters. The INSCYD diagnostics provide us with the necessary values and allow for accurate and effective planning.

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