Triathlon training plans

Triathlon training

With the right triathlon training plan to success in the long term

Triathlon is a complex sport. Combining the three sports of swimming, cycling and running wisely in training is a real challenge. With an effective training plan, however, this is possible and leads to long-term success. An experienced triathlon coach analyzes the actual condition and adapts the triathlon training to the individual needs.

"At KickAss Sports, joy, fun and health are at the forefront of the triathlon training plan."

The goal of KickAss Sports is to offer training that is geared towards the needs of age group athletes who want to leave their comfort zone and improve in a healthy and happy way, despite the high stresses of everyday life.


Whether you are a triathlon beginner, a hobby athlete or an ambitious age grouper, KickAss Sports offers the right training plan for every level. In addition to triathlon training planning, technique training in the sports of swimming, cycling and running plays a crucial role at KickAss Sports.

What to consider in triathlon training planning?


  • Individualized training plan
  • Consideration of the everyday stresses of the athlete
  • Determination of the metabolic profile based on performance diagnostics
  • Best practice and scientific findings
  • Tailored training plan for women (cycle, menstruation)
  • Focus on swimming technique and running technique
  • Strength training for injury prevention and performance enhancement
  • Load-relief management

Triathlon training planning

Triathlon training planning - this is what a good training plan should look like

There are many triathlon training plans and various offers for training planning. But how do I recognize a good training plan? As is well known, many roads lead to Rome, but there are certain standards in training planning.


The starting point of training planning should be an actual analysis. This includes the determination of the metabolic profile by means of diagnostics (lactate performance diagnostics, spiroergometry or PPD), the determination of the time budget and the goals. This is the only way to plan effectively. For the majority of age group athletes, the greatest potential lies in increasing maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), which can be achieved through a combination of intensive (HIT) and relaxed training in the basic range. In addition, a good technique and athletic base is crucial. Focusing on this development should therefore be a high priority in training planning. When preparing for a middle distance or long distance triathlon, economy is also important in the last weeks before the competition.

This is why individualized training planning in triathlon is worthwhile

In order to master the complex and challenging sport of triathlon with fun, joy and success in addition to professional and family obligations, individualized training planning is essential. The coach plans the training taking into account the time budget and with regard to the objective. Thus, long-term and clear progress can be achieved and the training time can be used effectively.

Triathlon Training Planning at KickAss Sports

At KickAss Sports we offer two different programs for triathlon training planning. In KickAss Basic you are your own coach and plan your season from our triathlon training plan templates. Whether training camp, winter training, Ironman, middle distance or sprint distance, you have the full freedom and flexibility to design your triathlon training. 

In KickAss Individual, your coach will put together your triathlon training plan day by day, unit by unit, individually tailored to you and is available to you for changes in the training plan. You will also receive detailed feedback on your triathlon training.

Summary Triathlon Training Planning

In order to effectively design triathlon training, the determination of the metabolic profile is essential. When controlling the loading and unloading, the everyday loads of the athletes should always be included. There is great potential in increasing maximal oxygen uptake and improving technique. Consistency is the key to success and quality should always come before quantity in training.

Questions & Answers


Ironman: 3800 m swim, 180.2 km bike and 40.2 km run. 70.3 Ironman: 1900 m swim, 90 km bike and 21.1 km run. Olympic: 1500 m swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run. Sprint: 750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run.

Absolutely! There is nothing more satisfying for a coach than watching the progress of his athletes, and even more so when you are there from the very beginning!

Absolutely not! There are many people who start training for an endurance sport, regardless of whether they are athletic or not.

Each sport requires different equipment. For swimming, you need access to a swimming pool or open water. For cycling, you need a bicycle. For running, you need running shoes. We recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor and smart watch (e.g. Garmin or Polar).

We offer three different programs. KickAss Individual, KickAss Individual Women and KickAss Basic. You can find out more about the individual offers here.

Yes of course, we offer a 4-week trial plan. You can find all the information here.

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