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Triathlon Training Plan Beginners - Getting Started with Triathlon Training

Triathlon is a very demanding sport because it is composed of three sub-disciplines – swimming, cycling and running. Those who want to start with triathlon are well advised to get a triathlon training plan for beginners. This will ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed at the beginning and that you have a structure in your training and everyday life.

Master the triathlon entry with KickAss Sports

At KickAss Sports, we take special care to ensure that your training is in line with your daily demands. Your triathlon training plan for beginners is developed around your commitments and time budget, ensuring that you start with the right training volume and intensity.


A triathlon training plan from KickAss Sports also means you’ll have fun training. The workouts are short, varied, and you’ll gain new movement experiences.

Contents Triathlon Training Plan Beginners


  • Individual training plan that takes into account the demands of everyday life
  • Gentle start
  • Balanced ratio of load and relief
  • Gathering movement experience
  • Technique training
  • Performance diagnostics to determine the individual metabolic profile
  • Strength training as compensation and injury prevention
  • Gaining first competition experience
  • Training planning for women adapted to the menstrual cycle

Triathlon training plan for beginners test

This is how the training is structured

Triathlon training wants to be well organized and structured so that progress is made in all sub-disciplines. Continuous training over longer periods of time in all disciplines is important. However, this does not mean that the triathlon training plan should include as many training hours as possible. Rather, it is crucial to establish regularity and routines. Already with two short units per discipline and week, a good basis can be created. 


Intensive sessions should be approached with caution, as they demand a lot from the body and, especially in the case of running, carry a considerable risk of injury. The relatively relaxed units serve to optimize the fat metabolism and allow the focus to be placed on technical aspects of movement execution.

The triathlon training plan for beginners is rounded off with one or two short strength training sessions for legs and upper body. These workouts contribute an important part to performance growth. They also provide body stability for all sub-disciplines and are of considerable importance for injury prevention.

For these reasons a triathlon training plan is worthwhile

Athletes who start triathlon training tend to train too much and, above all, too intensively. Recovery in particular is often neglected. As a result, the set stimuli cannot be regenerated and progress remains limited. Not infrequently, the fun suffers and the adventure of triathlon training is abandoned after a short time.

Triathlon training plan for beginners at KickAss Sports

At KickAss Sports, you can place your triathlon training plan in the hands of a personal coach as a KickAss Individual. The training content is planned for you day by day and discussed with you. You regularly exchange information with your coach and receive detailed feedback on the units you have completed.


On the other hand, KickAss Sports offers you the possibility to put together your own triathlon training plan for beginners in the Basic program. There is a large selection of different triathlon training plans for beginners available to you, which you can integrate into your everyday life depending on your time budget.

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Summary triathlon training plan beginners

A triathlon training plan helps newcomers get started with triathlon training. It sets the guidelines and ensures that the athletes have a structure and do not overdo it.

The triathlon training plans of KickAss Sports take into account the daily commitments and the individual wishes of the athletes. In addition, they guarantee an increase in performance and a lot of joy in the movement.

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Ironman: 3800 m swim, 180.2 km bike and 40.2 km run. 70.3 Ironman: 1900 m swim, 90 km bike and 21.1 km run. Olympic: 1500 m swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run. Sprint: 750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run.

Absolutely! There is nothing more satisfying for a coach than watching the progress of his athletes, and even more so when you are there from the beginning!

Absolutely not! There are many people who start training for an endurance sport, regardless of whether they are athletic or not.

Each sport requires different equipment. For swimming, you need access to a swimming pool or open water. For cycling, you need a bicycle. For running, you need running shoes. We recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor and smart watch (e.g. Garmin or Polar).

We offer three different programs. KickAss Individual, KickAss Individual Women and KickAss Basic. You can find out more about the individual offers here.

Yes of course, we offer a 4-week trial plan. You can find all the information here.

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