Marathon preparation

6 months of targeted preparation for a marathon

Level 2: Advanced
22 weeks

Training content

The 6-month preparation for the marathon is divided into three training blocks, each lasting 8 weeks. In the basic training, the focus is on increasing general capacity in an unspecific way, but the content becomes more and more specific in the direction of the competition. In the final 8 weeks of race preparation, long runs with race-specific intervals are on the agenda. This is how a successful marathon is achieved.

Target group

Runners who want to prepare specifically for a marathon over a period of 6 months with 3 running sessions per week.

Course of the training series

Only three steps to the training plan​

  1. Book KickAss subscription
    In the first step you have to choose a subscription. The training plans are available in the subscriptions KickAss Basic and KickAss Student.
  2. Activate training plans
    In the second step you can unlock and activate the training plans via your account.
  3. Open training plans and get started
    In the last step you only have to open the training plans. You will be automatically redirected to our training platform AZUM, set up a profile there and you can start right away.

All benefits at a glance

  • Complete, self-consistent structure
  • Flexible adaptation of the training sessions 
  • Weekly yoga, strength or mobility sessions
  • Food requirements for the units
  • Possibility to add an additive sport

Questions & Answers​


The training plan templates are divided into three performance levels. From beginners who are relatively new to running or who want to prepare for shorter distances with a relatively small amount of training to advanced athletes and ambitious runners who want to achieve a top ranking. Using the filter function and the descriptions, you will find exactly the right plan that fits your level.

The training plan templates are each divided into 8-week blocks that build on each other. From basic training, to build-up training, to the final race preparation, you run through a complete season up to your planned competition. Of course, it is also possible to join in between and skip individual phases. Always orientate yourself backwards from your target competition with which phase you should start. After you have loaded the plan into the AZUM training platform, you can delete or move individual weeks. In addition, you can add a suitable additive sport to each plan, you have the choice between cycling, inline skating, rowing or swimming.

In our training series you get suggestions for a complete seasonal build-up to your target race.

Translated with (free version)

In order to train in your individual training zones, we recommend that you determine them using the Power-Performance Decoder or a performance diagnostic. You should repeat this at regular intervals (12-16 weeks) to check your progress and adjust the profile. Our KickAss coaches will be happy to support you if you have problems entering the metabolic profile.

Yes, in the AZUM training platform you can link your sports watch (Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo) and export the planned units. You also have the option to export cycling units to Zwift.

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