Training plans

Select Run or Triathlon to see the different KickAss training plans.

New training plans and add-ons are regularly designed for you

KickAss triathlon training plans

Long distance, middle distance, Olympic distance or sprint – plan your triathlon season the way it works best for you.

KickAss run training plans

Flexible training – adapted to you and your everyday life. Combine the training plan templates that are right for you with an optional additional sport (cycling, swimming & aqua jogging, inline skating).

KickAss Sports, KickAss Triathlon, Triathlon Trainingsplan

Triathlon training plans

Build your season the way it suits you best. Whether you’re a beginner or an ambitious veteran. You will find the KickAss concept in all training plans.

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Run training plans

Our training plan templates will guide you through your running year. Within the plans, you have the flexibility to adapt the training so that it fits your everyday life and your availabilities.