KickAss is not only triathlon, but also running. KickAss Run combines the professional and smart KickAss training with our KickAss Education series to create a complete program suitable for everyone. Here, health, joy and ease of running come first.

KickAss Sports, Laufen Trainingsplan, KickAss Basic

KickAss Basic Run

KickAss Basic Run offers you a novelty in running: a subscription model with ready-made training plan templates that guide you through your entire running year. You choose your running plan that suits you and your needs. You can optionally choose from different sports (cycling, inline skating, swimming/ aqua jogging, rowing, cross-country skiing) to add to your running plan. This way you bring variation into your running training and achieve even faster progress. All plans also include strength and mobility sessions as well as a weekly live yoga session.

To top it all off, our KickAss Run Education Seminars will give you a new sense of running that includes ease and joy. Run through the different education seminars throughout the year and constantly improve your running technique.

KickAss Sports, Laufen Trainingsplan, KickAss Basic

KickAss Basic Run Plans

Individual coaching or subscription model is not your thing? You rather like fixed run training plans that you can retrain? Then the KickAss Basic Run Plans are just right for you. We have created running training plans for different goals and occasions that you can buy and load into the Azum training software.