KickAss Sports, Off-Season Option 4

Race prep Sprint/OD



Final polish before your sprint or Olympic distance race.

Target group:

You have solidly mastered base and build-up training and now want to put the finishing touches on your form before the competition. You have relatively much time available and can regenerate the training well.



After you have already laid a solid foundation in the basic and build training, we now move on to the final preparation. 

Since swimming and running are the dominant sports for the shorter distances, we will once again set priorities and fine-tune the last details. Three fixed and one optional unit in the water are on the schedule.

On the bike, further intensities are on the program and on the weekend we will couple. If you have room for more intensity, you have optional units.

This way you will be optimally prepared for your sprint or Olympic distance competition.



8 weeks


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