KickAss Sports, Off-Season Option 4

Race prep LD

Version II


The final countdown. The final touch to your perfect long distance race.

Target group:

You are experienced in long-distance racing and have consistently completed basic and build training. Then get the final touch for your new best time on the long distance.



This plan accompanies you on the last 8 weeks to the long distance. We cut back on strength training and focus on specific content such as coupling units, intervals in aeroposition, open water swimming and longer runs at race pace. 

This variant is aimed at experienced athletes who can regenerate between 18 and 21 hours per week and can also cope with higher running volumes. If this is not guaranteed, please reduce the volume and/or the intensities.

The last 10 days are designed as a taper, so that the plan can be set exactly 8 weeks before the main race.



8 weeks


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