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Ergonomics and efficiency on your time trial bike

Bike Fitting
Beginner to professional



A perfect interaction between you and your bike enables the optimal performance. We adjust your individual seating position on your time trial bike to you and bring efficiency and ergonomics in line and address the aspects of aerodynamics. Our time trial bike fitting includes a detailed medical anamnesis, mobility analysis, saddle pressure & foot pressure measurement as well as a pedal analysis. The pedaling analysis allows us to evaluate your pedaling efficiency and shows where we can optimize it. Your bike will be measured and the fitting process will be accurately documented until we have determined your ideal position.


The time trial bike fitting takes about 3 to 3.5 hours.


The fittings take place in Heidelberg at Dossenheimer Landstraße 45


Detailed anamnesis

Saddle pressure measurement

Are you sitting stable and correctly on your saddle?

Foot pressure measurement

Do you have foot pain or inefficient pedaling technique?

350,00  VAT included

Bike Fitting
Beginner to professional


We let our community speak for us.

KickAss Bike Fitting Time trail bike

The Bike Fitting Time Trial Bike is for all our triathletes with a time trial bike. The service package goes one step further than our Pro Fitting and we go into the technical and biomechanical details of your aero position. Of course, foot pressure measurement is also part of the time trial bike fitting. This offers the possibility to get to the bottom of foot complaints and to evaluate and optimize your pedaling efficiency. If you want to ride even more efficiently and with more ease on your TT bike, then simply book an appointment for a fitting here.

Bike Fitting Time trail bike


Bike Fitting TT



Detailed anamnesis interview
Saddle pressure measurement
Foot pressure measurement
Shoe and insole optimization
Dynamic footstep analysis and footstep technique check
Saddle selection
Cleat adjustment
Handlebar adjustment inc. Aerobar handlebar attachment
Pre and post measurement
Recommendations for own athletic training
Final report of the fitting

Question & Answers


Stuck patterns of movement can gradually cause problems on the daily bike. It’s not just commuters who can lose their passion for cycling. Numb hands & feet, tension in the neck or seat discomfort can be largely eliminated by a simple fitting. Every bike can and should be fitted if used regularly.

There is the Bike Fitting Fit & Go, Advanced and Pro. If you have a time trial bike, the Bike Fitting Time Trial Bike is for you.

KickAss Bike
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69115 Heidelberg

Bring your normal bike equipment. For an accurate result, it is important to work as close to reality as possible. Your cycling shoes are especially important. If you are not traveling to us by bike, you can leave your helmet at home.

Depending on the fitting offer, a fitting takes between 1 to 3.5 hours. In the respective description you will find the approximate duration of your booked fitting.

Of course! We also fit your second and third bike. For this service we charge 150€ per additional bike.

If you would like to analyze your existing saddle collection, just bring it with you and we will check which one suits you best.

Yes, it makes sense. Some time should have passed in between so that you could get used to your new position. When you are in training, your physical mobility also changes. Here it is especially important that your bike is adjusted accordingly. In this case there is a 20% discount on your next fitting.

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