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Your perfect start for the upcoming season with extra rocket power

Training planning
Beginner to professional


Let´s go!

The KickAss Basic Tri Program is the essence of effective training for all distances. Discover what you can do – and even get our special rocket bundle with our “Summer Special”. The offer is bookable until July 18th.


"Basic" recipe for success

Your training is based on plans that have been proven many times by successful professionals.

Performance diagnostics

You perform our diagnostics at least 2x a year - easily from home.


Additionally you will receive a voucher for an Education Seminar and our Rocket Bundle!

Only a few steps to the start of training

  1. Book your Summer Special.
    Add to shopping cart to book.
  2. Activate your training plan.
    After you have booked your subscription, you can select the appropriate training plan and activate it via your account.
  3. Start your training.
    After activating the plan, you will be automatically redirected to the Azum training platform. There you can set the start date of the training plan and start training.
  4. Get your Summer Special.
    You will receive a voucher for the education participation and the rocket bundle at the Challenge Roth trade show or it will be sent to you by mail.

75,00  / month for 12 months VAT included

Training planning
Beginner to professional


We let our community speak for us.

Your training base

This is what KickAss Basic Tri "Summer Special" offers you

KickAss Basic Tri "Summer Special"

75,00 € per month

Go for it!

Your benefits
More than 150 training plan templates for all levels and distances
Ideal season planning for all your races and training phases
Optional plans for training camps, stress weeks, tapering and off-season
The perfect solution for each individual phase of your training year
2x performance diagnostics run and bike per year remotely
Diagnostics on a regular basis to determine your metabolic profile
Finetuning taking into account metabolism, stress level, etc.
The right training decisions for you and your body
Premium access to the KickAss training platform powered by AZUM
All units with instructions, progress and individual adjustments
Up- & Downloads for your tools from Zwift, Garmin, Wahoo & Co.
Easy training implementation and evaluation of your successes
Exclusive access to our KickAss Squad Community
Exciting chat under #kickasssquad with other triathletes
Access to the Yoga, Mobility & Strength offering through our video library
More efficiency in movement and important balance to endurance sports
Weekly live webinars with your KickAss coaches
The full knowledge from professional sports for your specific training
Exclusive discounts and great benefits with our partners
Brilliant deals from Sailfish, Incylence, Swiss Side, MoN and more.
1x voucher for education seminar worth a maximum of € 150.00
Your ticket to even more insider knowledge and maximum performance
1x exclusive KickAss Rocket Bundle worth €50.00
The extra portion of motivation with sweatband, water bottle, socks, bar ...

Are you ready to kickstart your training with the KickAss Basic Tri “Summer Special”?

Questions & Answers


Whether you are a triathlon beginner or an ambitious age grouper – KickAss Basic is ideal for every triathlete. We offer you a variety of training plans, which differ in the number of hours. So you choose the plan that fits your time availability. Starting with the build-up training plans, we differentiate according to the length of your planned competition. You store the intensities individually in the metabolic profile, so that you are always in the right training range.

In the KickAss Basic subscription, the cancellation period is 4 weeks from the next renewal date. 

Yes, the AZUM account is included in all packages (KickAss Basic, Individual and Individual Women) and you can use the software to its full extent.

After a performance diagnostic (optimally with respiratory gas analysis) you store the determined values (wattages, pace data, heart rate, fat and carbohydrate consumption) in your AZUM account and receive the corresponding training specifications in the units.

 In KickAss Basic you build your season the way it suits you best. We provide you with the corresponding templates. From basic training in the winter, to build-up training in the spring, to specific preparation for your competition, including fine-tuning for the final days. Do you plan training camps during the season? We also have plans for that, which will guide you optimally in the snow or in the sun. You can find an overview of the current training plans here. The training plans are subdivided according to the corresponding weekly hours. In your AZUM account you have the possibility to delete single units or add ons from us (yoga, strength training at home etc.) at any time. If you unexpectedly have a lot more time, you can include a volume week in your plan. In case of a stressful week with little time, we also offer you solutions and specific plans. The “performance level” is controlled by the intensity in addition to the weekly hours. To do this, you store your personal metabolic profile in AZUM.

With our filter function you have the possibility to find the right training plan for you. Using your performance level, your target distance and the available time per week, you can filter out the exact plan for you.

Of course. With the KickAss Basic subscription you are the ruler of your training plan and can move, swap or delete the units in our training platform AZUM as it suits you best.

4 Week Triathlon Plan by Philipp Seipp for free!

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