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We are particularly proud of our network, because working together creates something greater than the sum of the individual parts. With our partners, you have access to their products, which are also used by professionals, and our subscriptions include special offers for you.

Our service partners are professionals from the world of sports, whose service we recommend to you because we have had good experiences with them and trust in their expertise.

AZUM Systems, KickAss Sports

AZUM systems

Laura and Philipp are partners in the young Swiss training platform. The ideas and experiences of these two flow directly into the development of the project. We are proud to offer our training on AZUM.

We share our network with you in the area of services with the goal to make your training as optimal as possible. AZUM system is now – in late summer 2020 – mature enough for sports coaches to use the white-label solution professionally in their daily work. Contrary to other platforms, AZUM system focuses on individualization instead of standardization. Those who use AZUM system can coach their athletes efficiently and individually.

Be part of the new development and accompany the path of this young company.

New Balance

The Fuel Cell RC Elite is the shoe with which Laura Philipp ran her Ironman marathon in 2:44 hours. Sebastian Kienle also relies on shoes and clothing from the traditional brand from Boston for training and competitions.

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Organic Workout, KickAss Sports
AZUM Systems, KickAss Sports


Castelli stands for the finest Italian cycling clothing that accompanies you all year round. Castelli has developed the fastest racing suit in the wind tunnel for the triathlon.

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The young brand from Karlsruhe produces food in organic quality that enriches the daily diet.

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Organic Workout, KickAss Sports
Ministry of Nutrition, KickAss Sports

Ministry of Nutrition

Pure.Natural.Power – Robert Gorgos and his team have developed training and competition nutrition under this slogan, which raises the bar.

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Neuronavi stands for professional neural applications that consciously stimulate the nervous system. Based on frequency-modulated acoustics and 3-dimensional processing, the functions of the autonomic nervous system are specifically triggered by signals. Our professional athletes use the systems to accelerate the restoration of balance after intensive training and flights as well as after emotionally stressful days. In this way, the body’s own regeneration is pushed and thus optimized.

Neuronavi offers personalized, tailor-made solutions for the individual requirements of each athlete.

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Neuronavi, KickAss Sports
Sailfish, KickAss Sports


Jan Sibbersen and his team have been renowned for years for the fastest wetsuits and swim skins in triathlon. We have brought them on board so that you too can benefit from them.

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Swiss Side

Jean-Paul Ballard is an aerodynamics specialist in cycling and triathlon. He has been advising Laura for years on the aerodynamic optimization of her setup. In 2019 she rode the fastest bike split at Ironman in Hawaii. The SwissSide Hadron wheels developed by him are the fastest wheels on the market.

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KickAss Sports, Swiss Side
Sailfish, KickAss Sports

Andrea Dablander Natural Organic Care

Andrea Dablander makes authentic natural cosmetics. Her promise: Herbal cosmetics for beautiful, radiant skin. All products are Natrue certified.

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