KickAss Sports in the media

April 14, 2021
Road to St. George

January 25, 2022
Effects of cycle-based training in female athletes

January 18, 2022
Triathlete Laura Philipp – the “Ironwoman” and her special training

August 19, 2021
Laura Philipp: European Champion in Triathlon

June 16, 2021
“My body is moving along with me”

May 24, 2021
Cycle and high-performance sports: the way out of the taboo corner

March 05, 2021
Cycle-based training: What’s the real point, Laura Philipp?

December 04, 2020
SZ-Serie “Erklär deinen Sport”: Laura Philipp


November 2021
Triathlon Podcast: Nadine Heck von KickAssSports – was verbirgt sich genau hinter KickAssSports, welches Trainingskonzept und weitere Themen

November 2021
Achilles Running: Auf dem Weg zur Weltspitze – Profi-Triathletin Laura Philipp

July 2021
Rocket Science: #51 Ganzheitliches Triathlon Training mit Philipp Seipp von KickAss Sports.

June 2021
TriTtimeCast: BESTZEIT- Talk Laura Philipp

May 2021
Achilles Running: Mit Fingern in den Ohren die Lauftechnik verbessern – Profi-Trainer Philipp Seipp im Podcast

April 2021
Hit the Road: Ep.38 A Peek In The Life Of A Pro Triathlete ft. Laura Philipp

January 2021
Pumped! The Inside Podcast by Schwalbe: Episode 36 (GER) – Triathletin und Deutsche Meisterin Laura Philipp

January 2021
Taren’s MōTTIV Method Podcast: How Laura Philipp and her coach Philipp Seipp made her one of the best in the world

November 2020
Wechselzone Podacst: Episode 179 – Laura Philipp

October 2020
Pushing Limits: Podcast mit Laura Philipp: Schnell, smart, schlagfertig



A successful start to the 2022 season

A successful start to the 2022 season

Neuser Criterium in Nuremberg

After almost 6 months of competition-free time, I competed in my first race of the new season a few weeks ago. Since it is still a little too cold for triathlon competitions in Germany, I have initially dedicated myself to only one discipline: cycling.

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Training camp as an age group athlete

Training camp as an age group athlete

Training camp as an age group athlete

It’s February, we’ve already had a few cold months with snow, rain and uncomfortable temperatures. Probably many hours of training have been moved indoors and we all long for sun and warmth, cycling in short-short and swimming in the outdoor pool.

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