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Azum coaching software – the tool of choice

KickAss Sports • 20. August 2021 • 3 Min.

EExcel, Word and Dropbox, even photos of handwritten notes were for many years the central means of transmitting training plans. Once upon a time. For most coaches and athletes, digital coaching platforms have long been established and have become important tools. Meanwhile, various softwares are on the market. Each product has its strengths and weaknesses. However, training planning, the analysis of completed sessions and communication between coach and athlete are standard.

Kickass’ Choice… Azum

After extensive evaluation, we decided to use the software of the Swiss start-up Azum. It is the platform that best supports us in our quest for high-quality coaching and holistic training of our athletes. 

On the one hand, the tool offers, besides the standards, elementary functionalities that are not covered by other providers (more on this in a moment). On the other hand, Azum is an innovative coaching solution that is constantly evolving and always comes up with exciting features. 

In addition, Laura and Philipp, as partners of Azum, pass on their comprehensive know-how to the development team in order to constantly improve the software.

Extract of a metabolic profile with data from performance diagnostics

Example of a planned cycling workout with intensity targets based on the individual metabolic profile

Powerful functionalities

Consideration of the individual metabolism

What we particularly like about Azum is that we can coach athletes on a highly individual basis. Compared to other platforms, Azum offers the possibility to coach on the basis of individual metabolic profiles. This means we don’t have to rely on a generic – and often inaccurate – derivation of a functional threshold power or a best time. Instead, we can rely on values collected in performance diagnostics that accurately reflect the metabolic processes of individual athletes. This allows us to create tailor-made training plans, efficiently guide our athletes towards their goals and minimise the risk of overtraining and injuries.

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High-quality training and movement instructions

Azum is also a great help to us in educating the athletes. By integrating our own videos and images, we can transmit precise instructions on how to perform technically complex movements, even if we cannot coach live on site. This is especially valuable for strength, swimming and running training.

In addition, we can use instructional texts to provide the athletes with information on training execution, the goals of each session and expected adaptations.


Excerpt from a strength training with instructions in written form and video

Nutrition integration

Azum is the first coaching platform that combines training and nutrition. On the one hand, this allows us to offer complete nutrition plans, and on the other hand, we can provide food recommendations for before, during and after training. This optimises training stimuli and accelerates recovery.

Example of a food recommendation for an intensive training session

Ideal partner for “self-coaching”

In addition to the individual coaching of athletes, Azum also provides optimal support for those who do not want their own coach, but still long for quality and structure in their training. The so-called self-coaches can compile their own training plan in KickAss Basic in the comprehensive Kickass library according to their goals and availability and upload it to Azum. However, they also benefit from the video and text instructions and are not simply left to their own devices.


The new coaching software Azum differs considerably from other platforms. Especially by taking into account individual metabolic profiles and the sophisticated way of adding instructional texts and videos to training plans, Azum takes coaching to a new level.

Since Azum is a very young software, there are still some weaknesses. However, these are continually being made up for and the gap to other products has largely been closed.

We are curious to see what new functionalities the Swiss company has in store for us in the coming weeks and months. According to reports, more exciting features are in the pipeline.

Azum will certainly continue to support us in our efforts to provide high-quality athlete support and give us a lot of pleasure.

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