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Hi, my name is Fia

Fia • 17. February 2021 • 2 Min.

Let me introduce myself before I tell you about my triathlon journey.  My real name is Sophia, most call me “Fia”, I am 26 and come from what is probably the most triathlon-crazy district in the world: Roth! My mother is a great marathon runner and my father is a 15-time long-distance finisher. I think this has already clarified where my enthusiasm for endurance sports and especially for triathlon comes from. You might think that I’ve been doing this sport since I was a child, but my “athletic career” started out with another sport.


My path to triathlon

I grew up with sports, it was always a big part of my life and trying out different things, also competitively, was normal to me. I competed in gymnastics, trampoline, played a lot of soccer and skied actively. Because of where I live, I have always had the connection to the mountains. Hence,  hiking, skiing, ski touring or mountain biking was part of my everyday life. In 2015, my friend, who had already done a few triathlons, suggested that I also take part in a triathlon. My endurance was already good due to all the sports activities I did in the mountain, so I saw it as an opportunity to try something new. I chose the Olympic distance straight away. After my first triathlon, I was grabbed by the sport immediately, so I did two more Olympic distances in the same year.

New goals

However, after a while I noticed that my strength lies more in longer distances and not so much in sprints. Probably because I can demonstrate my skills even better on the bike during long distances, which is why I have been mainly competing in middle distance races since 2018. My highlight so far: Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice 2019. In 2021 I will (hopefully) be at some of the starting lines again. On the plan so far

  • the classic in Buschhütten(OD), 
  • the Bavarian championship in the middle distance in Ingolstadt, 
  • my home race and favorite competition at Rothsee (OD), 
  • the Challenge Roth relay with the aim of riding  the 180km under five hours, 
  • the cult race at the Allgäu Triathlon (MD) 
  • and last but not least, the season finale at 70.3 in Barcelona.

Of course, it is clear to me that these goals are still on the brink and are strongly dependent on the development of the corona situation. But it is important to me, especially in the dark season, to have fixed goals in mind that you can train for. I am taking the path to these races with the help of KickAss Sports and you as readers will accompany me throughout my journey.

To be continued

This blog should not only be about competition reports and training diaries, but above all about the peculiarities, hurdles and requirements in the training of triathletes. I have been training according to my cycle for almost four months and I would very much like to share this experience with you. In the relatively short amount of time, the KickAss Sports team has already imparted a lot of knowledge to me and had many helpful tips ready. I am sure that the exchange on a topic that is unfortunately still very rarely discussed will bring us all forward – make us healthier, more balanced and to better athletes. From tracking tools and training tips to nutrition and delicious recipes, everything will be included by me.

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