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No improvement in performance without rest

KickAss Partner • 05. April 2021 • 3 Min.

If you don’t make any progress despite hard and intensive training, you usually train too much and don’t give your body a break. Muscles only grow after training – the same applies to endurance: Here, too, training success only occurs during the rest phase.

Recovery adaptation is crucial for the progress of an athletes’ performance.

To understand these relationships, it is important to know what actually happens to the muscles during sport. During prolonged, intense exercise, the body eventually reaches the point where the oxygen it takes in is no longer sufficient to meet the muscles’ increased energy demands.

To compensate for the lack of oxygen, it switches to so-called “anaerobic metabolism”: It begins to convert glucose into lactic acid. This produces lactate. Muscular tenderness and stiffness are common symptoms of fatigue and exercise-induced muscle microtrauma and oedema.

Microscopic tears also form in the muscle during exercise. It is only after the training has ended that the repair measures begin. Not only is the lactate broken down and excreted, but there is also an effect called supercompensation: The trained muscle grows by thickening its fibres. In this way, it tries to prepare itself for the next training session so that it can cope with the same load more easily the next time.

The benefits of compression therapy

Compression therapy helps you counteract muscle tension and swelling after exercise. Use your rest effectively to get noticeably fitter legs and better mobility with the same amount of exertion. Just 15 minutes of compression therapy can improve your range of motion. The mobility you gain reduces your risk of injury.

Recurrent pressure from distal to proximal stimulates and supports the muscle pump. The following applies: The more air chambers are processed in the cuff, the more gently and effectively the pressure is distributed to the limbs, which leads to a noticeably more intensive and effective regeneration.

The apparative compression demonstrably helps your body to remove waste products of your metabolism that arise during a hard training session or in competition (e.g. blood lactate level). This can shorten the recovery time between training sessions and competitions.

Trust the experts

Medical know-how – The PSR foundation 

SLK Medical Solutions develops and produces medical devices and aids for the global market. In 2013, the company started further development of the Apparent Intermittent Compression systems for professional sports. The feedback was so positive that PSR Professional Sports Recovery GmbH was founded in 2018.

We know what is important in medical products – and we know what athletes need. With Professional Sports Recovery, we combine precisely this know-how into systems that really help you as an athlete. Because they are medically based, ensure effective recovery and are easy to use.

We have used our years of experience in the medical and therapeutic field to bring a first-class medical product for regeneration and therapy of injuries to the market. In the meantime, athletes, professional players and physiotherapists all over the world use the V12 PRO system for regeneration.

V12 PRO – The Recovery System from PSR

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Make the most of your rest periods between training sessions! 

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Unique operating principle

The V12 PRO system is a user-friendly 12-chamber compression system developed and manufactured in Germany. It helps you to recover much faster and relieves the stressed muscle groups. In addition, the V12 PRO system has a supportive effect in the treatment of traumatic injuries, such as swelling after operations or inflammations. Both pain and the intensity of the swelling are significantly reduced. This means you are fit and ready for action again more quickly.

The individual regeneration system 

It is crucial for the success of compression therapy that you use the appropriate treatment cuff. Compression pants, leg cuffs, compression jackets and arm cuffs are available with extension sets if necessary. We can customise your treatment cuffs for an optimal fit.

KickAss Sports, KickAss, KickAss Balance, PSR
KickAss Sports, KickAss, KickAss Balance, PSR

Stimulation of the muscles 

A powerful compressor with an intelligent control system controls the 12 chambers of the treatment cuff and fills them with air. The rhythmic build-up and release of sequential pressure stimulates the muscle pump and improves gas exchange and metabolism in the tissue. You can adjust the pressure and the therapy duration exactly to your needs.

The rhythmic increase and decrease of pressure stimulates and supports the muscle pump. The venous and lymphatic drainage is promoted. The result is improved gas exchange and metabolism. The increase in venous flow speed also has an antithrombotic effect by increasing fibrinolysis (the body’s own dissolution of a blood clot) in the blood and in the vein wall.

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