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The myth of long distance. 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running. These are the distances that have to be mastered in order to be able to call oneself an Ironman or Ironwoman at the end of the “longest day of the year”. To master these incredible distances you need a good Ironman training plan. What do I have to do in triathlon training to successfully finish a long distance race?

Improving your best time on the long distance with KickAss Sports

The goal of KickAss Sports is to offer a triathlon training plan that takes into account the high everyday stresses of age group athletes and leads them to a successful Ironman in a healthy and happy way. Whether finishing your first long distance, improving your best time or qualifying for Hawaii, KickAss Sports offers the right training plan for every level. In addition to Ironman training planning, technique training in the sports of swimming, cycling and running plays a crucial role at KickAss Sports.

Contents Ironman Training Plan


  • Individualized training plan
  • Consideration of the everyday stresses of the athletes
  • Determination of the metabolic profile based on performance diagnostics
  • Integration of test competitions
  • Correct pacing and nutrition strategy for the long distance
  • Coordinated training planning for women (cycle, menstruation)
  • Strength training for injury prevention and performance enhancement

Training plan Ironman

Ironman training plan - more power through more volume?

When you think about the distances to be covered in an Ironman, you might get scared and anxious at first glance. Sporting activity over a duration of 8 – 14 hours, there must be completed in the Ironman training but incredible circumferences, so that this challenge is possible at all. Is this the case and do more training hours equate to higher performance?


This does not necessarily have to be the case. Although the triathlon long distance requires an enormous distance to be covered and the Ironman training plan should therefore also include longer units for preparation, there is still a limit. More important than the load is the relief and regeneration in the preparation for an Ironman. For the body to adapt to the set stimuli, it needs rest periods. It should also be taken into account that especially during running the passive musculoskeletal system is subjected to enormous strain. Excessive running volumes in Ironman preparation can therefore quickly lead to overloading of tendons or ligaments, which leads to a break in training. Continuous training over a long period of time is therefore the key to the success of a good Ironman training plan. 


On day X, in addition to perfect preparation, the right pacing and nutrition during the Ironman is crucial. The cornerstone to optimize both is the determination of the metabolic profile by means of performance diagnostics. Based on this data, the coach can then determine the pacing and nutrition strategy for the Ironman.

Why a training plan for the long distance makes sense?

An Ironman represents an extreme load for the human body. Without appropriate preparation by means of an Ironman training plan, long-term health damage is pre-programmed. If you want to cross the finish line with a smile on your face and have fun during your Ironman training, you should follow an Ironman training plan in your triathlon preparation.

Long distance training plan at KickAss Sports

At KickAss Sports you can choose between two programs for Ironman training planning. In KickAss Basic you are your own coach and plan your season from our triathlon training plan templates. We show you the way to Ironman and you have the flexibility to adapt the units to your everyday life, to include training camps or rest weeks.


In KickAss Individual, your coach will be at your side day after day to help you prepare for Ironman. The units are individually tailored to you and the Ironman. The coach is always available for changes in the training plan. You will also receive detailed feedback on your triathlon training.

Summary Ironman Training Plan

Loading and unloading must be planned wisely and an increase in volume must be planned progressively. The starting point of the Ironman training plan should be the determination of the metabolic profile. Based on this, a pacing and nutrition strategy for the long distance can then also be made.

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Ironman: 3800 m swim, 180.2 km bike and 40.2 km run. 70.3 Ironman: 1900 m swim, 90 km bike and 21.1 km run. Olympic: 1500 m swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run. Sprint: 750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run.

Absolutely! There is nothing more satisfying for a coach than watching the progress of his athletes, and even more so when you are there from the beginning!

Ganz bestimmt nicht! Es gibt viele Menschen, die mit dem Training für eine Ausdauersportart beginnen, unabhängig davon, ob sie sportlich sind oder nicht.

Each sport requires different equipment. For swimming, you need access to a swimming pool or open water. For cycling, you need a bicycle. For running, you need running shoes. We recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor and smart watch (e.g. Garmin or Polar).

We offer three different programs. KickAss Individual, KickAss Individual Women and KickAss Basic. You can find out more about the individual offers here.

Yes of course, we offer a 4-week trial plan. You can find all the information here.

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