How has training changed as a result of KickAss Sports?

What have I learned and what new experiences have I had? My second blog post is all about change. I’ll tell you about the change in my training routine and the new experiences I’ve had so far. I’d like to start by telling you how the general training routine has changed and what impact that has had on me. Before joining KickAss Sports, I trained without a training plan for quite some time and structured my training on my own. 

May 26, 2021

KickAss Sports makes my daily training routine easier

Since I have been training according to a fixed training plan, I no longer have to worry about the training sessions and execution. I’m no longer constantly thinking about whether the training fits and has fit like this, but I can concentrate on other things. For example, I can deal much better with things that are also extremely important for sports, such as regeneration, nutrition and sleep. Things that are of great importance for good athletic performance, but also require a lot of attention and time. Before, I spent rather less time on being rested and well taken care of. Now I can pay more attention to the quality of it all, rather than just the workout itself, which is overall very relieving.

The training at KickAss Sports

Everything has become much more professional. When I first started, I took the Power Performance Decoder to see where my training areas were. Sure, you can just do an FTP test and then go by certain percentages for the different intensity ranges. But that wouldn’t have worked for me at all and it also showed that I often trained in the wrong areas.

What I learned was that slow is not the same as slow, just because it feels slow.

The whole training has now become more structured and versatile

In a way, I also train less now than before. Before, it always mattered how many miles and hours I cycled, ran and swam. Now it depends much more on the stimuli that are set. A workout should serve a specific purpose, nothing more, nothing less. If I do intervals now, I do the intervals and then the training is finished and I don’t add another 50 km to it to get the kilometers. Effectiveness and individuality now determine my training. 

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Mobility and core training 

What else has changed is that I do much more supportive training. Everyone knows that stretching, mobilizing and strength training are important. But actually doing it is the other thing. I used to prefer to go for an extra round of biking or running. But in the big picture, it probably does make more sense to do the workouts that don’t seem to do as much at first glance. Now it is firmly in my training plan and then I pull it through. 

In general, my daily training routine has become much easier. I implement what is on the plan and don’t have to worry about it anymore. I can concentrate on the training itself. Of course, you can also download a plan from the Internet, as I did to some extent before. But actually, I never knew if that would work for me. Often I trained way too much and ended up completely knackered, which meant I had to take breaks or the following training days went really badly. With KickAss, that’s no longer the case. The workouts have become much more consistent, so each workout does what it is supposed to. As a result, I can notice progress every week.

A nice side effect is that I’m much more engaged with my workouts. I write a commentary for each workout so the trainers always know how I feel during the workout. This also leads to getting to know myself and my body better and being able to assess it. 

Basically, I clearly feel the KickAss values in my training. The fact that you always have a contact person from whom you can get feedback gives you security and confidence. That is also very important for me. Only now have I noticed that I really lacked this before.


I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the changes in my daily training routine.

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