The KickAss feeling in training

Sport is one way to discover the world, to feel it, and to interact with it. We base the sports concept for our training on practical experience and science. It always focuses on the individual, making dialogue a structuring element for all areas of our interaction.

Accompanied by competence

We make offers that are oriented to your goals and the skills in the respective sport. You decide how you want to use our programs, how you want to get involved in sports. The coach guides you with promising methods and accompanies you throughout your journey with professional competence.

KickAss Triathlon

You want to stay flexible and design your triathlon training yourself? Or do you like to get precise guidelines that are aligned with your goals and your everyday life? We have the right offer for everyone.

KickAss Run

KickAss Run combines the professional and smart KickAss training with our KickAss Education series to create a complete program suitable for everyone. 

KickAss Individual Women

KickAss Education

In our KickAss Education seminars we lead you to better and more efficient technique in all sports.

The KickAss feeling in training

KickAss Sports pursues the goal of accompanying you gently, healthily, and with delight in achieving your personal goals. Our goal is to create a training plan for you that is based on the latest scientific training knowledge, that adapts to your individual life situation and creates an optimal balance between stress and regeneration.

Features KickAss Sports


We will explain how it is done. You will receive short videos on strength and technique exercises for better understanding.

Running technique

Quality beats quantity – that is our motto for running training. Improve your running technique in the KickAss Run seminars and feel the ease of running.

Strength training

Harvest the full power of your work: Correctly executed, well-instructed strength training makes you faster in all disciplines and protects you from tiresome ailments.


KickAssIndividual Members receive qualified feedback on their sessions every 2 weeks, so that they can develop step by step.


In demand: All KickAss programs include regular webinars where you can ask your questions.

Swimming technique

Perceive, feel, learn – the Sean Donnelly swimming concept helps you on the way to the optimal technique.

Cycling skills

Cycling well is much more than just pushing the pedal: turning points, downhill passages, avoiding obstacles, pacing, and much more, we will show you how this is done in our cycling seminars.

Weekly Yoga

Anne is the Yoga coach of the #Seippsquad. Participate in her weekly live sessions or catch up on them at your convenience.


The sound makes the music. We love sports and so do you. We are convinced that positive energy in dialogue gives us all strength and helps us move forward.


We are particularly proud of our network, from which you should also benefit, because working together creates something greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Our Partners

With our partners, you have access to products that are also used by professionals. Our subscriptions allow special conditions for purchasing.

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