Hi! I’m Ron.

I am 20 years old and live in Westallgäu, Germany. In contrast to the 2 girls, Fia and Dani, who have already introduced themselves, I am currently training for short distances. In this post I would like to tell you more about my passion for sports and my journey in the world of triathlon.

April 14, 2021

Why triathlon?

I came into contact with a wide variety of sports in my early childhood years. My father took me everywhere, to the gym, out for a run or to his weekly cycling training. At some point he signed me up for athletics and from that point onwards was fascinated by the feeling of competition. Athletics was not the only sport, I also enjoyed mountain bike races and competed at state level as well. 

Reaching my absolute limit during competitions and training sessions was something I loved and I soon came to realize that it is something I want to do professionally one day.

With swimming, I found another sport that I love and something with which I completed learning all the 3 skills/sports to dive into the world of triathlon. Funnily enough, I found the pleasure in swimming very quickly and water became the element that I love. 

Although, my talent in athletics was more focused on  throwing disciplines – javelin, discus throwing and the shot put. I did quite well in running, but it wasn’t really my thing.

So, as you can see, I did not start with triathlon specifically, I was doing different kinds of sports, the only thing I knew is that I wanted to do a sport professionally. The only thing missing  to fulfill that goal, was the  sport itself. Everything I had tried to date was too boring, to do professionally for me. Hence, when I was 14 years old, I had the idea to take part in a triathlon. For me, the swimming and cycling part was easy, running was the last discipline I did not really enjoy but it was manageable. In retrospect, it was an ignorant thought. 

Well, like anyone who thinks that way, you will be taught better. Up until the run, of course, I was motivated  and I did my best. Then came the run, I ran out of breath, my body started to show signs of pain and my motivation died. In spite of this brutal experience, I was “fascinated” and soon enough I fell in love with the sport. I definitely wanted to continue, it was the exact variety I was looking for in a sport and in that point of time my triathlon journey began.

And then a rocky roadbegan

In comparison to all other sports, triathlon was not as easy for me. I hardly saw any podiums, which wasn’t an issue in mountain biking, swimming and athletics. That changed in triathlon. It was not easy for me at first, especially because I started getting severe stomach pains during my runs. Sometimes I couldn’t even do easy runs without pain. During races, I sometimes stumbled across the finish line crying and gasping for air. It was anything but fun. 

At that time I took part in many youth races and was allowed to compete in the German championships. Due to the constant stomach problems, I was never able to call up my performance to really show what I was capable of. I missed getting into the squad and was therefore always on my own. It was a big blow at first, but  giving up was not an option. I wanted to show everyone what I was really made of. 

My goals

I finished my school studies last year and now I want to dedicate all my time to fulfill my dream of competing professionally in the sport of triathlon. This year, I will compete in short distance races, in the 1st regional league in BaWü and at state level. 

I’m also an enthusiast when it comes to the material. I would also be interested in developing my technological knowledge, I am very interested in the latest technologies related to bicycles, running shoes and swimming equipment.

In my journey with KickAss Sports, I will be taking you along with me, by writing blog posts regularly and by giving feedback. Also reporting on my training and challenges, and how KickAss Sports has helped my master them. 

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