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I am Daniela and I will also take you along my sport journey with KickAss Sports. But before I take you along, I will take this blog article as an opportunity to introduce myself. As mentioned before, my name is Daniela, but everyone calls me Dani. I am 23 years young and currently live in the south of Munic, where I am a student at the Technical University of Munich. Aside from my sport and studies, I also work in a sports club as a trainer for all age groups.

April 10, 2021

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My path to triathlon

I grew up with sports, it was always a big part of my life and trying out different things, also competitively, was normal to me. I competed in gymnastics, trampoline, played a lot of soccer and skied actively. Because of where I live, I have always had the connection to the mountains. Hence,  hiking, skiing, ski touring or mountain biking was part of my everyday life. In 2015, my friend, who had already done a few triathlons, suggested that I also take part in a triathlon. My endurance was already good due to all the sports activities I did in the mountain, so I saw it as an opportunity to try something new. I chose the Olympic distance straight away. After my first triathlon, I was grabbed by the sport immediately, so I did two more Olympic distances in the same year.

So the journey in and with the triathlon continued …

In 2016 I did my first middle distance at 70.3 Zell am See and qualified for the 2017 World Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee. From that day onwards, I was able to explore different places in the world because I started competing in places all over the world. I love traveling and taking part in competitions, it was the optimal way for me to combine both. Thus, in the last few years, I was able to travel to the US, Sardinia, Slovenia, France and even South Africa, where I was able to take part in the World Cup in the 70.3 distance for a second time.

The highlight of my triathlon career so far was 2019, where I decided to hire a trainer, allowing me to start in the Spirit Series, compete with professionals like Caroline Steffen or Daniela Ryf at the Chiemsee Triathlon, the Alpe d´Huez long distance and at the Trans Vorarlberg. To my surprise, I crossed the finish line as the 8th woman in Alpe d´Huez. It was at that competition where I realised that I want to do everything professionally.

Step by step

After the 2020, a tiring and brutal training year for me,  during which I had prepared myself for the Embrunman in France, I realised towards the end of the year that I had to change something in my training and my training structure. This marked the start of my journey at KickAss Sports, where I’ve been training since mid-December 2020.

Stay tuned

In my blog I would like to take you with me on my way to becoming a professional triathlete. I will tell you about my challenges in everyday life, the combination of studying, working and life as a triathlete.

My blog will also be about how I changed my training and how I feel about it. Especially in endurance sports, some think that a lot of training hours are necessary to get better but I will prove the contrary. Stay tuned for more! 

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