Our Diagnostics Partner

A metabolic professional is a core part of our training. That’s why we’ve been working with diagnostic labs at ProSport for years. We are happy to share our partners with you, so that you can also find a diagnostic partner in your area.

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INSCYD is a holistic tool, enabling innovative performance diagnostics to create a granular analysis of the physiology of an athlete and therefore the creation of highly individual and laser focused training programs.

Dr. Falko Frese

Falko Frese is a sports physician. His contributions for more performance are: Performance diagnostics and comprehensive internal, sports medical examinations, which every ambitious athlete should undergo once a year.

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KickAss Sports, Diagnose Berlin

Diagnose Berlin

Diagnose Berlin is a sports science institute that focuses on the athlete and their training optimization. In a holistic approach, you will be able to evaluate training, performance, and nutrition and guide the athlete towards an optimized strategy.

Training & Diagnostics

Reto and Lorenz have been Laura Philipp’s diagnosticians from the very beginning. With their laboratory in the middle of Zurich, the two have created a contact point for all those looking for first-class diagnostic care. Performance diagnostics, strength diagnostics, and DXA examinations are their repertoire.

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KickAss Sports, IQ Athletik

IQ Athletik

IQ Athletics is our diagnostics partner in the Rhine-Main area. Laura-Sophie Usinger takes care of her athletes here and you too can be examined by the team on site.


WAY TO WIN our diagnostics partner is located in the south of Munich. The interdisciplinary institute combines know-how and experience from the fields of sports science and professional cycling and focuses on the athlete as part of a holistic approach.

KickAss Sports, IQ Athletik