CREDO Tri – The motivational app for triathletes

Reach a new level of performance!

CREDO Tri is a motivational app designed to inspire you to get the best out of yourself!

CREDO Tri supports triathletes of all levels who want to be encouraged and motivated by world champions, competition winners and well-known role models.

CREDO Tri is the best app that will help you achieve your goals with hundreds of motivational videos and training tips.

Come and join us on this adventure!

“Credo is the perfect app for anyone who wants an extra dose of motivation for their training. Many well-known athletes give you tips in the app, reveal their tricks on how to get the best out of your training every day or inspire you to try out new training content. Plus, there’s a way to get personalised messages or even tips from your favourite athletes.”

– Laura Phillip Ironman Champion 14x Ironman 70.3 Winner

CREDO Tri includes:

  • Daily “Take Away” video tips. 
  • Daily motivational videos
  • Alarm settings for each discipline
  • Virtual discussion and Q & A with selected pros
  • Private Group Rides, Run ZWIFT or Rouvy MEET UP with CREDO Tri pros
  • Discount codes from our advertising partners


  • Ask a pro directly through the app if you have questions about your training. 
  • Personal messages from pros to you or your friends (e.g. birthday wishes, motivational video for your upcoming race, etc.).
  • Create a virtual training session with your favourite pro
  • A virtual Q & A with your favourite athlete