Our sport concept

Sport is a way to meet the world, to feel it, and to interact with it. The sport concept for our training is based on practical experience and science. It always focuses on the individual, making dialogue a structuring element for all areas of our interaction.

We provide you with offers that are based on your goals and your competencies in the respective sport. You decide how you want to use our programs, how you want to get involved in sports. The coach guides you with promising methods and accompanies you with professional competence.

Sean Donnelly Swimming Concept

Sean’s approach to the element of water is playful: it is about feeling resistance, perceiving buoyancy, and generating propulsion. Allow Sean to guide you on your own journey through the water. Those who have the courage to engage with his approaches are rewarded with full consciousness. Sean’s signature can be found in all KickAss swimming plans. Of course, you can also book Sean for tutorials, workshops, or camps.

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Most of the training takes place on the bike. This is the best place to monitor your performance and improve it step by step. To make sure that your program really fits you, it is important to keep your metabolic profile as up to date as possible. That way you always ride optimally in your sessions.


Versatile riding skills

Cycling involves much more than pedalling power: fast descents, playing with power in hilly terrain, riding in groups, cornering, avoiding obstacles, balance, and much more.

We will show you how it’s done – whether on the TT, racing bike, cyclocross, or mountain bike: to get the best out of it together, you need to master your sports equipment.


Ergonomic and aerodynamic optimization

Almost 80% of wind resistance depends on the person sitting on the bike. 100% of the force is generated by the person on the bike. These are two convincing reasons to deal with this topic in detail. Our fitting partners will help you to combine these two aspects.

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Fast on the running track after descending from the bike.

Fast running splits after intensive cycling are in the DNA of the #SeippSquad. Fast running not only looks light-hearted and light-footed, but it also feels incredibly good.

Do you also want that? We will show you how to get there.

In KickAss running training, you get to know yourself and your running in a new way. It’s all about feeling forces, perceiving movement, and creating an economical running style. Working on the quality of movement is fun and has a huge potential for development.

Our running plans are built according to the principle “quality before quantity”. We offer tutorials where we can dialogue with you about your running technique.

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Our lifestyle (sport combined with a lot of work in a sitting position) requires the accompaniment of complementary athletic programs. We have put together a best-of list of exercises to complement your sports activities. The aim is to prevent injuries, to create maximum efficiency in movements, and thus to maintain technical patterns longer (especially under fatigue).

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Nutrition in training

An adapted diet in training and competition enhances your performance. We will give you recommendations to get the most out of your training.