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Quality beats quantity. This is our slogan in all sports. Learn through our KickAss Educations the handling of your bike, riding technique and with ease to go faster and further. Through our Bike Fit we adjust you and your bike optimally to minimize discomfort, increase efficiency and economy and offer you even more riding fun.

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Health, lightness and joy.

KickAss Education Bike

The bike in its simplicity allows us to move forward easier and faster. Regardless of whether this happens on the road, gravel or rough terrain: In our seminars you learn to know the characteristics of your bike better and to use them in the appropriate places. You economize the movement sequences on the bike and develop a clean riding technique.

KickAss Bike Fit

In bikefitting, riders and bike are matched to each other. From foot to head, various contact points are adjusted using pressure mapping  and measurements so that you feel comfortable on your bike and can ride with more ease.

Even minimal changes lead to a more comfortable feeling, less discomfort and more efficiency on all bike models. For us, pain-free riding and injury prevention are top priority to offer you long-term enjoyment of biking.

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KickAss Community

Become part of our KickAss Bike Community. Common rides, exchange rounds or a cozy after-work beer: in front of the location there is room for everyone!

Question & Answers


There are Bike Education Seminars, Bike Fit and our Community which welcomes everyone.

  • The Bike Fit takes place in the Weststadt in Heidelberg. The exact address is Schillerstraße 26.

In the seminars you will be introduced to the theory of the individual techniques and also directly applied in practice.

  • The Advanced Fit takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. ThePro Fit takes a little longer, but you should allow 3 to 3.5 hours.

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