KickAss Sports, Off-Season Option 4

Basic Training 8-12h / Week


Looking to make a considerable jump in your performance next year?

Target group:

For those who want to make a considerable jump in their performance. Get a structured plan for your wintertime and enjoy the freedom of being able to arrange trainings for you according to your desire.


With this plan you build up a basis, from Olympic distance to Ironman, during wintertime. Consistent training in all three disciplines as well as one yoga and two strength sessions complete this training plan.


Eight (8) weeks – 8 (eight) to 12 (twelve) hours per week.


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Basic Training 10-15h / Week

Basic Training 10-15h / Week

As an ambitious athlete on middle or long distances, you are the perfect fit for this plan. Targeted training with space for a broader spectrum of basics are waiting for you.

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